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(Videos) Stranger Things’ Joe & Gaten Give Advice to Strangers on the Internet

A strange thing happened on Stranger Things 2 this season, and it had nothing to do with the Mind Flayer, the Demogorgon, or the Upside Down. In fact, the producers didn’t even plan it, the actors didn’t expect it, and the audience certainly didn’t see it coming. In short, Joe Keery’s Steve and Gaten Matarazzo’s Dustin became the super couple we never knew we needed.

Stranger Things cast Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo give life advice to strangers on the internet.

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Online Interviews > 2017 > Dec 04 | Glamour Magazine

(Video) Joe Keery On the Musical Talents of the ‘Stranger Things’ Cast

Stranger Things’ Joe Keery speaks with MTV News about the musical talents of the Stranger Things cast.
Question: What do you think would be a good name for a Stranger Things Band?

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Online Interviews > 2017 > Dec 04 | MTV News