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Gallery Updates: “Alex & Tuckie”, “Chicago Fire” and “Empire” Screencaptures

Our gallery was updated with HD screencaptures of Joe’s appearances on tv shows such as Chicago Fire and Empire, and also in the webseries Alex & Tuckie. Enjoy!

JKN0007.jpg JKN0012.jpg JKN0032.jpg JKN0087.jpg JKN0160.jpg

Filmography: Television Productions > Web Series > Alex & Tuckie (2014) > Batman & Robie – Screencaptures

JKNEMPIRES01E12-0014.jpg JKNEMPIRES01E12-0044.jpg JKNEMPIRES01E12-0052.jpg JKNEMPIRES01E12-0061.jpg JKNEMPIRES01E12-0055.jpg

Filmography: Television Productions > Empire (2015) > 1.12 “Who I Am” – Screencaptures



Filmography: Television Productions > Chicago Fire (2015) > 3.16 “Red Rag the Bull” – Screencaptures
Filmography: Television Productions > Chicago Fire (2015) > 3.17 “Forgive You Anything” – Screencaptures